Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Middle Name

You know I've just begun sewing again...I tried to avoid using the machine over the years, for a few reasons, one being that I had no place to keep it available for use; it had to live in its case.  Another, because it was always a fight to make it run properly...actually, it never did.

So, finishing up some star blocks today, I decided to try servicing the machine again (myself), as it continued to be loud and wouldn't begin sewing when I said to...it would hum loudly and stall, get thread caught in the shuttle hook, knot up in the fabric, and then stop sewing.  Sound like a good time to you?

I started by cleaning the feed dogs again, oiled it (again) in all the places the manual showed with pointy arrows, and still nothing changed.  I thought --- something must need oiling that I'm not seeing.

Upon closing the manual, my eyes fell upon a few important words:


That's it!!!  I knew it immediatly! The belt is too tight causing the loud noise and delay in starting!  I read the instructions, and fixed 'er right up!  I also changed the location of the shuttle thread ejector; at some point, it had gotten moved too far left.

She's a smooth sewer now...I'd even say she sings!
Which should make her a singer (but no, a Vogue Stitch, she is).

I'm a happy girl!  

And yeah, my family has called me "Mrs. Fixit" for decades... it's my middle name.

1st Star
2nd Star


  1. Oh Cis- sooooo glad you got that baby to work for you- YEAH- yep you are Mrs. Fixit-....among being the best sis too!! so happy for you- the squares are just beautimous!!!

  2. Oh how wonderful! You must be very proud and pleased to have fixed your machine yourself! Congratulations and happy sewing!

  3. Yeah Cyinthia, you are Mrs. Fixit! I would have just taken the machine to the shop. Those blocks are looking good.


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