Monday, September 19, 2011

Road Trip!

What a great joy to meet Freda in person again after so many years!  Thanks to her gracious invitation, I have a great foundation in beginning my first quilt, a Jacob's Ladder Quilt, which is the choice for her QAL.

She showed me some shortcut cutting techniques 
(my table ~ her tools are more fancy ;=)

and how to arrange the pieces for the block. 

the secret code to opening and ironing seams and intersections when you have so many,

and vi-ola! I have my first JL quilt block!  (Welp, my first THREE; only one pictured)  Looky!

Imperfect, but not too shabby for the first try.

We started out this wonderful day stroking fabric at her LQSs and lunch with another friend, then returned to her home to cut and sew the afternoon away.  And later she made a delicious soup to squelch the damp chill in the air! 

My wonderful hostess and mentor suggested that I clean and oil the old machine I have on hand (with gratitude to my sister and her MIL).  I came home the next day and by Monday I was able to get the "Vogue Stitch" machine rockin'!

Still having trouble with the feed dogs, as they refuse to run all the time, and I oiled them puppies good!  Maybe my Missy cat in the room has them troubled?
Nah.  The Fabric Ferry looks harmless ta me.

Well looks like I'll be taking over a corner in the guest bedroom...already did!  (I'll post pics of it next time.)  And ~ tada! I was able to make another block!

With pieces for another ready to go.  Yes, I do love my purple magnetic pin cushion.

More cutting/sewing/ironing play tomorrow ~ I'm hooked!  Thank you Freda!
Impera Magna n me (gee I'm short)


  1. Ooo... love your newest JL block! Your creativity is surfacing in a new area! Congratulations on the setting up of your sewing center... soon you'll take over the entire room!


  2. Enjoyed the blog Cis- glad the machine is working ok for you- your squares look great!!! can't wait to see it all assembled.

  3. It looks like you are going to have a beautiful quilt when you are done.


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