Thursday, September 15, 2011

From COE to QAL

Welcome to my second BLOGSPOT! This one was created to separate my old hot passion...

(COE 104 ~ CIM ~ DSP ~ SIS ~ EDP ~ DH...)

from my cool new one...

(*JL QAL ~ HST ~ FQ's ~ BOM ~ WIP ~ LQS...)

Fire and Fabric were getting testy being together in one blog!  The acronyms wrestled, causing their nomenclature* to collide and jumble in a heap (see def. below).

Like naughty children, they've been separated, so on with my new adventure! (If I have any glass bead fans/readers ~ fear not, I will continue with that medium as well!)

Recently a special friend invited me to join her newly formed Jacob's Ladder Quilt-A-Long (JL QAL), and because I've been pining to make a quilt, I wanted to keep a cohesive record of the journey and progress.

These FQ beauties (and some yardage) were purchased in July upon visiting my very first quilt show.  They should do quite nicely for the Jacob's Ladder Quilt I'll be making, along with several other ladies.  

For my glass buddies and other non-quilters who may read this, the QAL is not a joint quilt ~ we each make our own quilt.  A QAL could be the cyber version of an old fashioned  "quilting bee", as we track along with each other in progress via blogs and photo-sharing sites.  With lots of support and encouragement for newbees like me.
Photo from

This week I went to Joann's to audition solid fabrics which will be integrated with the patterns ... spent WAY too much time there, but here's what I finally settled on ~ the green.
Let the Sewing commence! (as soon as I get/win a machine!) 

* Nomenclature -noun - a set of system of names or terms, as those  
    used in a particular science or art, by an individual or community.


  1. Awesome cuz!!! Can't wait to see the results!

  2. Hi Cynthia, I do more than make jewelry I also quilt. Although I have not made one in about four years. I have two quilt tops that need to be quilted. Well anyway I now follow this blog also, have fun.

  3. Wooo hoooo... your very own quilting blog! Congratulations!

  4. How exciting! You are jewelry maker and a quilter too.

    In stitches,


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