Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Friday Night Sew In

Another good time at FNSI.  Thanks to Heidi and her cousin Bobbi for hosting the monthly event.

It was time to resupply mug rugs for the market, so I had fun playing with some more frog fabric last night.

Just love to pair them up with the glass bead frogs that I made for the little spoons.

I cut several more to sew up later,

 and sewed together batting scraps for more mug rugs.

Then I added a few more blocks to my WIP String Quilt.
 I'm not sure that I like the dark fabric, even if it does have some cute lil pink roses.


  1. Wow! Lookit you go!

    Love your string blocks... and the dark fabric! You may want to play with the block arrangement and disperse the darker fabric strip blocks... move them farther apart...

  2. Love the new froggy mug rugs- too cute- and the string quilt looks great !!!

  3. Hi Cynthia,
    I love the little mug rugs and the cute spoons to match. The string quilt is looking good I agree just move the blocks around until you get something that is pleasing to you.

  4. Visiting from FNSI! and what delightful frogs you have made! I have never seen anything so delicate and beautiful. Love the mug rugs too.

  5. What a great mug rugs and I love the matching spoons...gorgeous. Your stringquilt is also beautiful. Visiting from FNSI.


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