Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Beach" finish, and PhDs

I managed to finish up hand sewing the binding Friday night on "Beach", by Kaffe Fassett.  The previous evening as I worked on it, I fell asleep under it with needle in hand! 
The pattern is for 69 x 89, but I wanted a lap quilt, so it measures 56 x 66.  
I have plans to make this one again for a queen bed.

Now on to the PhDs (projects half done).
The following 2 patterns have been on and off of the design wall for, well way too long.  I've put them back up, with fresh new intentions of piecing them. ;-)

This one is by Kimberly Einmo, called 
"Checkerboard Rainbow Star".
I'm using mostly batiks, and this is a fun one if you like puzzles and color wheels!

Over many months, I've had fun collecting night sky and water fabrics with this pattern in mind, and still audition fabrics.  It's from the book "Quick Little Quilts" and the pattern is "Mother's Fantasy Windows".  The original design has only night sky, but I like the addition of sea life. 
(Cat in the corner isn't part of this quilt; he's awaiting a different pattern from this book.)

There are several quilts in this book that I want to make.  I've been checking the book out from the library on and off for much over a year...time to own it!  The quilt will measure 24.5" x 24.5", and most likely I'll hang it.

Time to make beads.....

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bella Babushka, Beach Blanket, and Birthday

Happy Birthday to me!

(borrowed photo)

I finished the Bella Babushka quilt top, and purchased the backing so it's ready for the long arm. 

I adjusted the twin size pattern to create one for my queen bed.

This gorgeous 108" purple fabric is perfect for backing, as was the price!  The width makes it so much easier for such a large quilt.

Also working on several other sewing projects while keeping up with my glass bead making.  I decided to make a summer lap quilt for the den and chose the "BEACH" design from Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in Sweden book.   

Some of the fabric is out of production, but I managed to round it up here and there.  And the kind lady at Glorious Color robbed enough of the border fabric from some sample kits for me.

Love all these bright colors!  They're so Happy!

The design wall isn't quite tall enough for all the rows.

Sandwiched and ready, I've started the quilting of this 50" x 60" myself, on the mid-arm Janome I purchased last year.

I set up and use my 6 ft market tables to make it easier to maneuver, with the tables handling the bulk of the quilt.  Now I've had to remove it from the tables so I can use them at the Monday market.

Lots more projects in the works to show next time and hopefully a finish!