Friday, September 30, 2011


The Jacob's Ladder Quilt A Long that I joined has officially kicked off, thanks to Freda ~ our wonderful hostess.  I've learned so much from her in recent weeks with ample encouragement all along the way.

Today I have 2 blocks to show, and thankfully, there's only a teeny tiny minor issue with my machine...I'll figure it out eventually, but for now I'll tolerate it.

Sept. 29 - #1 by Sea of Glass
Sept 29 - #2 by Sea of Glass

Here's how they'll look together in a quilt.  The colors didn't photograph just right, but I love any shade of pink!
We are to make 1 or 2 blocks each week, more or less if we like.  I'm told that the quilt police won't be around to count, and glad to hear it because I just cain't stop sewing toward my first quilt!

I already have 6 other blocks, some of which I posted previously, but I've decided to use them in a separate quilt because the measurements weren't working out right. The cut sizes have been adjusted, and these 2 blocks worked out much better.

You can view photos of other participants' blocks at the JL QAL on Flickr.

I plan to use plenty of these lovelies in some more blocks. 


  1. The pink fabric is gorgeous with those pink flower fabrics... it's going to be a beautiful quilt!!!

  2. So pretty.
    It's going to be beautiful....

  3. Gorgeous fabric - so feminine and pretty!

  4. Thanks for your kind comments on my Gee's Bend Necklace. I admired your most recent quilting posts. I can't sew straight lines therefore I do art quilts. A very freeing kind of quilting. I really love to do free motion stitching and embroidering best. I tried a quilt like yours once in the 70's, I was going to save money and make my newlywedded husband and I a queen sized bed quilt. ( A little over-ambitious for a total beginner) That quilt top sat in a plastic container for over 30 years and finally I took it out and traded paino lessons for time on a friend's long arm. We couldn't even load it correctly on the roller it was so wonky. We giggled until I cried and my stomach hurt but I practiced free motion on it until it was all quilted. I have used it as a cover to keep the dog hair off my husbands velour truck seats and it still needs a binding but it makes me smile everytime I look at it. What a glorious mess!! The largest quilt I have done since was 6' sort of curvy square. Dont' think I will ever do another big one. I admire anyone who has the skill and patience to do those.


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