Friday, September 23, 2011

Stars Blocks for a Soldier's Family

John'aLee will make quilts for Chris's brothers, parents, his best friend with who was with him when he died, and Tori.  She hopes to involve Tori in the sewing of the blocks to help her through so painful a time.

The star blocks should be made from muted blues, reds, and white.  You can visit her webpage for complete information, but I know that she is accepting 8" blocks and 12" blocks. 
She has an example of a block on her Blog, shown below.  They don't have to be the exact style of star or pattern. 
To see instructions for this block, Click Here

I am a new quilter, only having pieced together 6 or 7 blocks, but I plan to make some to send in honor of Chris and all those he held dear.  My mother's heart goes out to John'aLee and to Chris's mother.

If you would, please send them by the end of October to:

The Scrappy Appleyard
3218 Knobview Drive
Nashville, TN 37214

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  1. I'm glad you're joining in on this project too... I read the latest post at The Scrappy Appleyard... and cried again.....


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