Friday, October 7, 2011

Taking Over

When one of our sons moved out, we had a guest bedroom for the first time.  I quickly painted it (lavender, of course) and my husband refinished a lovely desk which was his aunt's, and added it to the room.

 I moved tables in and voila!
An assembling room for my glass beads.

A few months later, our other son moved out, so now we had a place for guests!  I painted this room sea mist.  My sweet daddy made the adorable headboard long ago. 
My old school chum, Lisa, came for a visit this summer and found it comfortable enough...but now

~ enter in ~
my crazy idea to become a quilter!  

Both of my grandmothers quilted.  Check out some of Betsy's handiwork!
 (You can view more HERE )

Ok, I had said that when I'm old, I will quilt.  Hmm, didn't think I was there...I don't have grands yet.  Doesn't matter ~ I've been stung by the quilting bee and have laid claim to the guest bedroom!  (But the bed will stay)
The machine sits on an old sewing table of my husband's aunt.  There's a place to put the Vogue Stitch machine down inside, but until this old girl behaves better, topside! (She's actually at the machine doctor right now)

I took a cue from my quilting friend and mentor, Freda, placing my (mini) ironing board next to me.  Ingenious!  Press seams, sew, press seams, sew.  Seams ImPRESSive!

I borrowed the comfy office chair from my assembling room.

I purchased a "Stack o Stuff" from Sandi on Etsy, VERY reasonable!

Just look at all that fun in there!

Oh well, another delay on a project for my sewing room...
so come back Saturday for the reveal!
Hopefully my laptop will cooperate.


  1. Love it! Between your bead stuff and your quilting stuff... you will soon take over the entire house!


  2. Lucky for you that you had the space to expand! I think once you start quilting it is really difficult to stop...and who wants to?? You can always have a "guest couch"!


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