Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mug Rugs

I finally jumped in and made my first mug rug, using direction from several blogs, including I'm Just A Guy Who QuiltsImpera Magna; and a Video Tutorial for binding.  My first mug rug was an experiment in quilting:  I used a continuous quilting pattern, starting on the outer edge and working to the center.
Side A

If you click to enlarge, you can see the quilting pattern (of sorts).
Don't look TOO closely though.
 Side B
This one went to my Sis, who for years collected Cherished Teddies, and also an excellent seamstress, created specialty Teddy Bears for her loved ones.  She must have made 60 or more.  Here's mine:

( I heart you Sis)

The 2nd mug rug attempt was made in the ticker tape design, and since I love puzzles, I thought it might be an enjoyable challenge.  I made a scrappy one, using Stitched in Color's Bottled Rainbow directions as a guide.  What fun!  Since my scraps were limited, I created some from yardage and a couple of precut squares.

My first 2 times of actually quilting!  I know, they don't look very professional, but I had fun in the process.
A fellow vendor at the market, creates new styles from vintage clothing, and over the weekend she  gave me some of her scraps:  I see more ticker tape mug rugs in my future!


  1. Cis, just enjoyed the blog so much- and thanks for my mug rug- I am enjoying it so much

  2. You done good there with your first mug rugs... before you know it, you'll have another booth at the markets!



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