Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Move Over Card Table

After I tired of walking the length of the house, from bdrm to kitchen bar to cut fabric, I brought in our ancient rickety rusty card table.  Its squareness took up a great area in the small room, and there certainly was no room to walk about, but it sure was nice to stay in the same room to begin and complete a project.

And now, Mr. T has made a special table to fit my space!  He brought it in on Christmas Eve and we set it up.  I'm a happy girl!
He'll install a shelf on the bottom, for storage.

Top covered with laminate

 Cutting mat size, with room for stuff  ;-)

Now I can just whirl around in my chair to make necessary cuts, or stand to cut fabric lengths.
And you know, I'm ALWAYS cuttin' up!

Thank you honey!


  1. Now that's a cuttin table- or should I say cuttin up table- that bro-in-law of mine did a fabulous job - how convenient to just whirl around from cutting table to sewing machine!!! SAAAA_WWWEEEET!!!

  2. You lucky girl !
    But just think of all the exercise you will be missing out on. Lol.

  3. You have a very cool DH! That's a GREAT cutting table!


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