Saturday, January 21, 2012

(My) 3rd FNSI

I know.  I'm late to the party.  Managed to cut and sew the "rainbow" border.  My first time doing a pieced border and I'm certain it wasn't done correctly.

I measured and calculated, cut and sewed, ripped and sewed, and ripped the colorful border seams several times.  I ripped a few colorful words several times as well, lol.

I tried so many times to correct the mistake, and finally opted to mask it...but I can still see it.  Do you?
 Here it is right side up.

Anyway, the recipient baby won't see it.

(stock photo)

Thanks for hosting the pushes me to git 'er done, and on to greatness, lol!


  1. Good job, you are doing great! You're right, the baby won't see it and neither did I. This looks like a fun little quilt. Keep it up!

  2. Quilting Lesson 103: You're the only one who will see any mistakes!

    ...I sure don't!

    Great quilt... I'm sure someone is going to love it!


  3. It is bright and cheery and you are correct, the baby won't notice or care. Actually, so long as you give it with love nobody cares, it's lovely. I'm here from FNSI.


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