Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jacob's Ladder Update

I'm now up to 35 blocks.

7 rows by 5 rows, it measures approx. 70" x 50". 
 My plan is to continue to make blocks until the fabric runs out, and that's the size of it. 
I think I can get another 15-20 blocks out of the remaining fabric, including the parts already cut.  That should make it large enough for a double bed.

This photo reveals the true colors...I'm crazy about pink and flowers!
Still thinking about the backing.  Joann's has some pretty bolts, as does the local Bernina store ~ I just can't decide which way to go.  What do you think of a smallish green print?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rag Quilts and Treasures

I haven't been completely slacking, but having way too much fun making rag quilts kind of similar to this adorable one.
 (Photo credit Creations by Kara)

for some very special people.   I know...I have too many projects ongoing, but these 2 gift projects could not wait.   

Thanks to Creations by Kara for the excellent tutorial, rife with photos like this one!  I'm a visual learner.
  (Photo credit Creations by Kara)

I'll show and tell the ones I've made, once the recipients are all snuggled up with them.

And today I'm going to muster up the courage to quilt the froggie quilt.  Since I don't own a walking foot, I've been a bit leery.

Til next time, check out my treasure finds from craigslist:

<= Fleece

Velour =>

Fun color!  And I need shelving ;-)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

FNSI Frog Sandwich

Last night I continued work on a couple of WIP:

  1. The Jacob's Ladder Quilt Along blocks
  2. A small quilt. 

But first a digression ~  I took a lil break from those, and was chomping at the bit to try my hand at a string block,

or four.
   These are a blast to make!  
With thanks to an Empress for inspiration, and a tutorial from FilmInTheFridge, I sewed strips to graph paper, cut to 8.5x8.5, using the shortest stitch length.  I did a test paper removal, and it was a cinch!
I've already begun sorting fabric scraps for a 2nd quilt in a different color scheme.

Now on to the title cut (hehe).  Remember these guys?

I squared up and basted the frog flimsy, making a frog sandwich...all pinned and set to sew.  

My kitchen bar was just big enough.

I can't decide what stitch to use and the direction of it, though I'm thinking of a simple straight stitch on either side of each seam.  Or should I diagonal...

I also made several more JL blocks and now have 26,
 with more pieces ready to sew.

and OH REALLY?????

Yep, I looked at the design wall for too long again.  As you can see, this is one of the older blocks with the old floral design, and the mistake just HAD to be in the very middle of the block!  Every time I study the wall, there's another error.

While I was ripping it out, I had to chuckle as I remembered my mother's teasing growing up. Sometimes one of us kids would say, "Mama, it hurts when I do this".  And she would say, "Then don't do that".  

So I'm taking Mama's advice...I'm going to quit doing that ~ looking at the wall.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fabric Therapy of Another Kind

I've progressed and made blocks since this photo, but check out the new substitute floral fabric in the 4-patch on the right.  I likey!

In other news:  

Last weekend I ran out to purchase a gift, and wound up trying on new spring fashions... usually enjoyable.  Nothing like trying to squeeze into last year's size to put (lack of) fitness in real perspective and get me back on the treadmill. 

 Yeah, just look at me trying to zip up the skinny jeans.
I WISH this was my problem.

In early November, I had started a doable fitness goal, knowing full well the holidays were upon me.
What was I thinking...

I've never blogged about this, but thought just mebbe it will help with accountability and keep me on track (pun intended), with my friends on the sidelines cheering me on.

And using a ticker should be just the ticket!

The quilt books and glass books will be handy to help pass the time of stationary walking.  Studying up on my passions...not to mention enjoying the eye candy!

With the book covering the time/mileage meters, my focus isn't
 not to mention heaps less boring!

The lovely weather and trees are in bloom, so walking outside will be a pleasure now.

But I have to say, that day was STILL a type of fabric therapy, because it resulted in a bit of self-actualization.
 One, two, one, two...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More blocks completed and...

Remember yesterday's photo?

something kept nagging me about the blocks on the left side.
 I stared at it for quite awhile, and discovered an error.  

Do you see it?

 Yep, there it is.

I tore it out and turned it.

All better now, put back on the board, and stared at the other blocks.
Found another TWO wonkies in a single block!
There they are!

Arg.  They'll get fixed next.

In other bad news, I ran out of the floral fabric...well, scratch that...I had mistakenly cut the rest of my floral fabric into HSTs, forgetting the need for the 9-patch, (derrr) so I had to improvise.  Joann's didn't have any large scale pink florals, so I opted for this smaller print (shown with my HST).
It should blend in nicely.  Now to figure out a backing!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Jacob's Ladder QAL

Getting back in the sewing groove, and I finally completed 9 more blocks on the Jacob's Ladder QAL.  Now, a grand total of (only) 15.  Photos would be better on a sunny day, but I wanted to show some progress.

You may notice that the "ladder" isn't as definitive on the left side.  Well, it's not the photo...the floral fabric is different.  Very similar, but a pinker background.  Here's a closeup of one of the 3 pinker blocks on the left:

No matter.  I doubt it will be noticed on the finished quilt (if that happens).  Anyway, I'll probably rearrange them once I have another row or 2.
I have pieces cut and ready, but today is a road trip with a friend.  In the evening I'll be sure to hear the machine calling, and plan to have another update this week!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Three of My Favorite Things

Without trying, I somehow managed to combine three of my favorite past-times/passions/pleasures:

1) Glass Bead Making,

2) Quilting,

3) Tea Parties!

Before I reveal this new set, a visit with a few of my tea buddies.

 Carol and me at a local tea room in Wilmy.

THIS is the ever-famous Lomonosov Factory in St. Petersberg, Russia:  The bomb-diggity, the motherlode, the creme-de-la-crem of tea sets.  I had the thrilling pleasure of browsing these shelves of Imperial China in 2005. 

My sweet husband had visited Russia in 1993 (before we moved there in 1994), and brought home to me a tea set of 6 Lomonosov cups and saucers, carefully in his backpack. 
How did he know?  Out of all the patterns, THIS would be the one I adore!?!

I took this photo at The Hermitage in St. Pete.  More Imperial China, the "porcelain of the Tzars".

 My Russian friends, celebrating my birthday with a tea.  They always know how to tea party!

 My tea buddies in Wilmy.  We love to dress up -hats and gloves- and priss about.
 Good times!

For a few years, I enjoyed catering tea parties. 

I also used to make these adorable teapot earrings.  Just might have to make a few more.

And now THE perfect gift for your BFF: 
Mug rug, teacup, and sweet little teaspoon with coordinating beads.

 It makes me happy!  I have tea EVERY day, and I hope my customers will find some joy at tea time!