Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fabric Therapy of Another Kind

I've progressed and made blocks since this photo, but check out the new substitute floral fabric in the 4-patch on the right.  I likey!

In other news:  

Last weekend I ran out to purchase a gift, and wound up trying on new spring fashions... usually enjoyable.  Nothing like trying to squeeze into last year's size to put (lack of) fitness in real perspective and get me back on the treadmill. 

 Yeah, just look at me trying to zip up the skinny jeans.
I WISH this was my problem.

In early November, I had started a doable fitness goal, knowing full well the holidays were upon me.
What was I thinking...

I've never blogged about this, but thought just mebbe it will help with accountability and keep me on track (pun intended), with my friends on the sidelines cheering me on.

And using a ticker should be just the ticket!

The quilt books and glass books will be handy to help pass the time of stationary walking.  Studying up on my passions...not to mention enjoying the eye candy!

With the book covering the time/mileage meters, my focus isn't
 not to mention heaps less boring!

The lovely weather and trees are in bloom, so walking outside will be a pleasure now.

But I have to say, that day was STILL a type of fabric therapy, because it resulted in a bit of self-actualization.
 One, two, one, two...


  1. The new fabric looks great with the first fabric... gonna be a lovely quilt!

    I hope to get my JL blocks sewn together tomorrow night during FNSI!

    Good on you for getting back on the treadmill... we gotta keep fit so we can get all those quilts on our "must make" lists done!


  2. Oh Cynthia I am really liking the new rose pattern too very nice with the other print. I am suppose to be walking 30 minutes a day, but you know it just don't get done everyday. I am cheering you on, but I just don't know how you can read on the treadmill. With me my mind is always saying "How long has it been? What only two minutes UHG!" LOL! Can you tell I do not like the treadmill? I am going on my walk today it is so pretty outside and I am taking my camera to take pictures of the pretty lawns in my neighborhood.


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