Saturday, March 17, 2012

FNSI Frog Sandwich

Last night I continued work on a couple of WIP:

  1. The Jacob's Ladder Quilt Along blocks
  2. A small quilt. 

But first a digression ~  I took a lil break from those, and was chomping at the bit to try my hand at a string block,

or four.
   These are a blast to make!  
With thanks to an Empress for inspiration, and a tutorial from FilmInTheFridge, I sewed strips to graph paper, cut to 8.5x8.5, using the shortest stitch length.  I did a test paper removal, and it was a cinch!
I've already begun sorting fabric scraps for a 2nd quilt in a different color scheme.

Now on to the title cut (hehe).  Remember these guys?

I squared up and basted the frog flimsy, making a frog sandwich...all pinned and set to sew.  

My kitchen bar was just big enough.

I can't decide what stitch to use and the direction of it, though I'm thinking of a simple straight stitch on either side of each seam.  Or should I diagonal...

I also made several more JL blocks and now have 26,
 with more pieces ready to sew.

and OH REALLY?????

Yep, I looked at the design wall for too long again.  As you can see, this is one of the older blocks with the old floral design, and the mistake just HAD to be in the very middle of the block!  Every time I study the wall, there's another error.

While I was ripping it out, I had to chuckle as I remembered my mother's teasing growing up. Sometimes one of us kids would say, "Mama, it hurts when I do this".  And she would say, "Then don't do that".  

So I'm taking Mama's advice...I'm going to quit doing that ~ looking at the wall.



  1. Love your string blocks! Aren't they fun to make?

    You've been very busy.... and them pesky JL blocks will sneak an oopsie up on ya in a heartbeat!

  2. Cynthia,
    Neat idea on the string quilt and the frogs are so cute.
    You are really making me want to get those two quilt tops out, that have been waiting for several years now to be quilted, and finally get them done.
    I really can not wait to see your Rose quilt finished.

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  4. You are just a quilting along gura- such pretty work-
    You made me smile many times I heard Mama say that phrase to me....:)


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