Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jacob's Ladder Update

I'm now up to 35 blocks.

7 rows by 5 rows, it measures approx. 70" x 50". 
 My plan is to continue to make blocks until the fabric runs out, and that's the size of it. 
I think I can get another 15-20 blocks out of the remaining fabric, including the parts already cut.  That should make it large enough for a double bed.

This photo reveals the true colors...I'm crazy about pink and flowers!
Still thinking about the backing.  Joann's has some pretty bolts, as does the local Bernina store ~ I just can't decide which way to go.  What do you think of a smallish green print?


  1. Oooo... looking GOOD! Go, Cindie, go!

    Are you going to quilt it yourself?

  2. Looking good Cynthia, You can not go wrong with pink and flowers as far as I'm concerned.


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