Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meandering Frogs and Kitty Outlines

This market year, I've added a new craft/product line:  Quilting!  And it will tie in with my glass art. 

I fussy-cut this cute poison-dart-frog fabric to make mug rugs, and decided to try my hand at free-style quilting, that is, meandering.  It's easier than I imagined and I LOVE doing it!  

Poison dart frogs come in a myriad of varieties and colors, all bright and bold!
At the torch, I created a similar frog bead for the teaspoon.

 The leftover kitty fabric from making Christmas presents presented another challenge for a bead:

For this one, I just quilted an outline around each kitty...another first for me!

Tickertape mug rugs are so fun to make!

And ok, just one more frog:

Thanks for looking and your feedback is always appreciated!


  1. What a great idea... mug rugs and matching teaspoons! You're certainly integrating two of your loves...

  2. Cis- these are just gorgeous- such creativity- and what a perfect way to combine your two specialty skills- quilting and beading- the mug rugs are just adorable with the kitties and frogs- you did a great job on the meandering quilting- that really looks very hard to do-
    Love it !!!


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