Tuesday, June 26, 2012


In this case, it stands for Local Quilt Show.  The Quilters by the Sea Guild has an annual show in Wilmington,  the 30th of which took place last weekend and I had opportunity to see some amazing work.  
Here's a small sampling:

  This one fascinates me, an all inclusive take on an old standard, this is called "International Sunbonnet Sue".

Last year was my first time at a quilt show, and this year it was fun to go through and be able to identify blocks by name.  Above is a String Quilt...I have one in progress!

Upon closer inspection, I recognized the border fabric on this one:  'Millefiore' by Kaffe Fassett.  I'm using the same fabric pattern of a different color on my newest WIP ~ shown in photo below, 'Cobalt'.

I hope to make one similar to this one someday...really pretty.

I studied this one for awhile, and learnt how it was arranged. 
This would be a fun one to make! 
I think it's Log Cabin trickery :-)

 Stunning!  Made with 1 inch squares, placed just so to create a human face....like pixels ;-)

I want to make one of these also ~ a pretty pastel log cabin.  I turned the camera for the perspective in the photo at right.

Jelly rolls?  Another fun one to make!


And, I hit their Resale Shop for deep discount bargains on guild members' stashes!  The ladies at the check out said, "Wow, you're GOOD!"  Funny...I thought I was being BAD!

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  1. Hi Cynthia,
    I love going to quilt shows and seeing all the beautiful quilts people lovingly put together.
    Log Cabin is my favorite block to make I have made several. It can be pieced together in so many different angles for some many different looks.


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