Friday, July 27, 2012

Binding Jacob's Ladder

The yardage of floral binding fabric was promised within 2 days of order/payment.  Heh. 

After 4 days passed, I insisted the local store find out the order status, following the lazy "sorry it hasn't arrived here...we'll let you know". 

Turns out the "other store didn't pull the bolt and ship it."  My concern was that someone might walk in and buy the last 3 yards off the shelf.


But anywho, thankfully it finally arrived, albeit a week and a half late.  Hmmm, that didn't sound grateful now did it....

I decided to cut my binding the length of the fabric.  It only took one cut of doubled fabric, plus a single cut of the length. 
I needed about 312 inches, and that did the trick, with only 3 initial joins and then the final meeting point.  It went pretty fast, machine attaching to the front.

Sitting watching the opening Olympic ceremonies and hand stitching the binding down on the backing.
I learned a new technique for invisible stitches, and it is taking me a loooong time, but it'll be worth it.  
Let the games begin!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reflecting Pool Finish

My inexpressible and eternal thanks to Alice, who tutored me in LAQ and worked so hard with me in putting the finishing touches on the quilt.

Some of the finer details:   Alice suggested a variegated thread for the quilting ~ in pinks, greens, and blues ~ it was perfect!

I chose this "Open Spirals" design for the skinny inner border.  It seemed to be made  for the "Aboriginal Dots" fabric!
 A little "manual insurance" of pinpoint accuracy and precision!

Blocks were individually quilted with "Curves and Leaves" design. The flannel backing shows greater pattern detail:

 Zoomed.  I love this design!

I googled a new binding technique.

The next day, we created a label, and Alice showed me a better way to hide stitches.
All done!

It has been a pleasure to make this quilt, and yesterday it was delivered to my good buddy Angela, while we worked at Poplar Grove Farmer's Market.  As word got around, fellow vendors, as well as customers, came by her booth to check it out.

If you enjoy pickled okra, squash, collards, or cucumbers, check out Angela's Peppered Pickles via her website, or visit her store on Carolina Beach Road.  

Her company also produces a frozen treat ~ all natural, no dairy, no sugar, made from the finest ingredients:  "Alph's".  My favorite is Almond Coffee, made from ground almonds and coffee beans and a banana.  Even in this heat wave, they hardly drip, as there isn't any liquid!
 These are some happy customers!

And I think Angela is, too!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Long Arm Quilting

For the past couple of days, I've had the pleasure of learning about LAQ, hands-on.  It's quite the process  to load the 3 fabric layers on 3 rollers, add edge clamps, and side tensions,

program the computer with the pattern of your choosing, (Curves and Leaves),
set the parameters for the design,

 and to then watch her go!   Fascinating!

It's way more involved than this brief description, but I don't have time to
tell all I've learned.
 Can't wait to see how the design looks on the solid flannel backing.

And I might have an opportunity to one day do some free-motion quilting with this puppy!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update on Reflecting Pool Quilt

My buddy-girl wants extra warmth in her quilt, so I ordered flannel for the backing, and it came last week.

This sumptuous royal blue is by Robert Kauffman.

I pieced the backing and made the sandwich, using "Warm & Natural" for the batting.

All basted up and ready for quilting.

Headed to the LAQ on Thursday, and I get to play, too!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Call Me Crazy

Jacob's Ladder is home now, back from the quilter, who did a superb job!

Just check out all that plentiful meandering!

I'm awfully fond of the backing.

While digging out the binding fabric, I came across two 4.5" wide strips leftover from the backing.  And whatayaknow, they were the exact length of the quilt sides!  I also had an extra remnant...hmmm...

Huh?...what's that you say?'re seeing a border that wasn't there before?

Can you say "unconventional"?  I's WRONG to add borders now!  So,


I managed to sew the borders to the flimsy alone, not through all the layers.

As I was cutting strips for binding from the small piece of left over floral, it appeared there wouldn't be enough to go around.  Sure, I could piece it with some other pink ~ even considered piecing with these 2:

 but my heart had been set on the floral alone.  
Off I go to Joann's...checking there for several days, and it's all gone (btw, they're having a "Coupon Commotion" week ~ use several 50% off coupons in a single visit!).

I checked the interwebs, Etsy, etc. ~ nope.  

Finally, I dug out my receipt of original purchase, called Joann's, and they located some yardage in another store within the state...yippee!  I should have it sometime this week ~  HAPPY DANCING!

Friday, July 13, 2012

This Good Day

Friday (July) the 13th is lucky for me.  

Fiftysomething years ago after 36 hours of labor, my Mama was ready to give birth.  Since the Dr. had not returned, the nurse held Mama's legs together for some time to prevent my grand entrance.  When he finally arrived, he administered gas and rendered Mama unconscious to deliver me ~ that's how they rolled back in the 1950's.  With all that interference, it's a wonder I do not have any dain bramage.

This song always makes me joyful.
Happy Birthday to me.