Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Call Me Crazy

Jacob's Ladder is home now, back from the quilter, who did a superb job!

Just check out all that plentiful meandering!

I'm awfully fond of the backing.

While digging out the binding fabric, I came across two 4.5" wide strips leftover from the backing.  And whatayaknow, they were the exact length of the quilt sides!  I also had an extra remnant...hmmm...

Huh?...what's that you say?...you're seeing a border that wasn't there before?

Can you say "unconventional"?  I know...it's WRONG to add borders now!  So,


I managed to sew the borders to the flimsy alone, not through all the layers.

As I was cutting strips for binding from the small piece of left over floral, it appeared there wouldn't be enough to go around.  Sure, I could piece it with some other pink ~ even considered piecing with these 2:

 but my heart had been set on the floral alone.  
Off I go to Joann's...checking there for several days, and it's all gone (btw, they're having a "Coupon Commotion" week ~ use several 50% off coupons in a single visit!).

I checked the interwebs, Etsy, etc. ~ nope.  

Finally, I dug out my receipt of original purchase, called Joann's, and they located some yardage in another store within the state...yippee!  I should have it sometime this week ~  HAPPY DANCING!


  1. Are you excited to be so very close to a finish? Your JL looks great and I know you must be thrilled! Congrats on hunting down the fabric you need for a floral binding!

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    Oh it is looking so good I love the backing and that is great that you found just enough of the green for a boarder. It is really going to be gorgeous when it is completed.


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