Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reflecting Pool Finish

My inexpressible and eternal thanks to Alice, who tutored me in LAQ and worked so hard with me in putting the finishing touches on the quilt.

Some of the finer details:   Alice suggested a variegated thread for the quilting ~ in pinks, greens, and blues ~ it was perfect!

I chose this "Open Spirals" design for the skinny inner border.  It seemed to be made  for the "Aboriginal Dots" fabric!
 A little "manual insurance" of pinpoint accuracy and precision!

Blocks were individually quilted with "Curves and Leaves" design. The flannel backing shows greater pattern detail:

 Zoomed.  I love this design!

I googled a new binding technique.

The next day, we created a label, and Alice showed me a better way to hide stitches.
All done!

It has been a pleasure to make this quilt, and yesterday it was delivered to my good buddy Angela, while we worked at Poplar Grove Farmer's Market.  As word got around, fellow vendors, as well as customers, came by her booth to check it out.

If you enjoy pickled okra, squash, collards, or cucumbers, check out Angela's Peppered Pickles via her website, or visit her store on Carolina Beach Road.  

Her company also produces a frozen treat ~ all natural, no dairy, no sugar, made from the finest ingredients:  "Alph's".  My favorite is Almond Coffee, made from ground almonds and coffee beans and a banana.  Even in this heat wave, they hardly drip, as there isn't any liquid!
 These are some happy customers!

And I think Angela is, too!


  1. Angela's quilt is stunning and I'm sure she is thrilled with it!!!

    Congratulations on such a great finish!

  2. Oh wow Cynthia, the quilt is gorgeous! I love how it turned out all those bright colors are so beautiful. The colors also suit Angela.


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