Friday, August 3, 2012

A Tale of Two Kitties

"It was the best of felines, it was the worst of felines..."

Speaking of books, lately I can't seem to keep my nose out of quilty ones, and looky!  Ain't they sweet?!
"Quilt Road" by Kaffe Fassett
(btw, these are the 'best' of felines...scroll to see 'worst'.)

The patterns are to be enlarged at 200%.  I made the first kitty using just an enlarged paper cut out.  Following directions, I made a patchwork rectangle, hand-embroidered the face, and THEN cut him out.

Now he's all ready for his back side and a tail.

After the sewing and stuffing was done, it was obvious something needed tweaking.
This first one I did is a rough draft...kind of a scary-cat, huh?
I cut out cardboard templates to make kitty #2.  

I might have to name her "Henrietta Pussycat", in memory of my brother, and Mr. Rogers.  
Noel and I loved to imitate Henrietta in our everyday conversations....and laaauuggghhh!!!
"Meow-meow want some fruit salad, meow?"

The backsides of #2 and #1, l to r.

The tail tip is cleverly attached to the body, for toddler to use as a handle. 
(the worst of felines)

Liking the tail shape better, but still a problem with the ears:  Too tall?  Too pointy?  
Yup.  Back to the scratching post...


  1. Very cool... isn't it interesting how the kitties seem to have their own personalities? Great job!

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    I love the kitties they have character. I love the expression on the face of kitty #2.

  3. Oh Cis- these are cute- love the comment about you and bro !!


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