Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

I was mia in November on blogger, but still sewing all along.  Announcements and photos will have to wait til the New Year because my projects are

Decorated a week ago, tree and outdoor star.    Here's an artifact:  My childhood stocking.

Holey now, but such fond memories won't allow me to toss it out.

I was presented this angel ornament at age 3 by my Sunday School teacher.  It's been a treasure all my life, and still has the original clapper string!

My dear mother loved making things, and as a child of the Depression, never threw anything away.  She would always say: "I can make something out of it!"

And she did... a half of walnut shell was transformed into a tree ornament.

A burned out bulb became a santa.

Mama liked doing needlepoint and would use up every little scrap of plastic canvas:

A Christmas mouse

Squeeze his jaws to open and place a tiny treasure.

You've got mail!

Other favorites:
This handmade one was a going away gift, when our time was up in Russia.  
She's beautiful!

I adore these little guys, also from Russia.  Each one has the name of a Russian city or village.

My cousin Chris is an artist, and this wonderful okra pod ornament was tied to my gift one year.
She painted the face beautifully. 
Who knew I would one day enjoy okra!?!

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