Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Christmas Quilts

 At last!  After months of secrecy it's "safe" to blog about the gift quilts for my sons.  Christian, my 2nd born, turned 27 a few days ago (I had him when I was 8 :-)

I thought it a good idea to upcycle/repurpose his tee shirts, commemorating his interests This will be like a warm scrapbook!  Chef, photography enthusiast, and former daily skateboarder, (tho recently he stated he was about to go "grip it and rip it"). 

A few months ago, I managed to clandestinely obtain several shirts he was throwing out, and the design wall began to fill up fast!

After gathering a few more, I didn't quite have enough for a 5x5 block quilt.

  to the rescue!!!

This NC based company will print on Kona cotton and 6 other fine materials, from submissions by unknown designers everywhere!  One that I chose was a skateboarder, which appears to be him!

Also included in the quilt are shirts and blocks commemorating our years living in Russia.


(It reads:  Whole Milk Condensed with Sugar)

I added solid grey sashing and then borders representing his musical abilities
I stitched in the ditch with the guidance of friend Alice, on her long arm.  Most tee shirt quilts don't have quilting on the blocks.

The quilt size wound up 90 x 90.
 He was delighted and surprised!

Quilt #2 next!


  1. These quilts were JUST GORGEOUS!!! Got to see the guys open them up Christmas morning- Again, Cis, you did an awesome job !!!!

  2. That is so cool! I love the colors. Perfect!


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