Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall is Here...

And I've been MIA since April Fool's Day ~ that's over 5 months, but who's counting?  No sewing for this girl, as I've been working hot (literally) and heavy at the torch since then making glass beads.  As a vendor, I've been in full swing with 3 markets a week until Labor Day, when one of them ended.

I did actually sew a little bandana and a head scarf for a friend, but no photos, so reckon it doesn't count.  I've been making a list of sewing projects to begin once the markets wind down.

But for today, a rather delicious project! 

Of late I've been paying thru the nose for dried apples, a favorite snack.

 Now I have found THIS WEBSITE,
providing an easy, no cost answer for those of us who don't own a dehydrator.

I do own one of these

and it's well worth the $15.  It will peel, core, and slice in one continuous motion.  I chose not to peel these tho, by disengaging the peeler.

A bit of cheesecloth, a stifling hot day, and my car.

Can't wait!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Birthday Surprise

My sister Vicki has been making hats to sell as a fundraiser for several years.  She donates the proceeds of her sales to Camp Kemo, a place for children with illness to enjoy a week in summer.

Here's an example of her hats:
This one is mine!

In earlier years, Sis made bridal and keepsake boxes, decorated and wrapped in lovely fabrics, which she gave as gifts.
This one's mine!

Last year while perusing a library book by Kaffe Fassett, my eyes fell upon a quilt that seemed it was designed with her in mind:  
 A HAT Box Quilt!

I renewed the book so often that I was forced to return it to the shelf late last fallBut not before I had those templates enlarged, rolled up and tucked away!

With the birthday coming at the end of March, I decided to begin the day after Christmas I pulled out my collection of home decor *samples and set to cutting with the templates.  

What fun wallowing in choosing from the variety of fabric choices!

The "wallpaper" background fabrics for each block were on hand, but the "floors" were a challenge ~ in stores, I couldn't locate stripes that I had in mind, until...

Aha!  Thrift stores have men's dress shirts a'plenty, so off I go.

The thrill of the hunt is the thing, ya know.
Pieced the "wallpaper" blocks together

and then began the applique' process.

This was a first attempt, which didn't make the final cut.

Over the next weeks, the design wall began to fill up.

I later added sashing and borders,

then quilted it with the help of my friend Alice and her machine, Mega.
It's mostly FMQ except for the leaves.

I pulled out my big market tables to clean it up and cut away excess batting,

then added the binding.  Finished size is 96" x 96".

Finally, I framed and hand sewed the label on, designed by Alice and moi.
Friday I joyfully delivered it in person on her birthday!

She loves it, and it fits!
I would make this quilt again...its random fabrics are such fun!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Flimsy Report

I pooped out Thursday night after attaching row 8, and finished up yesterday.  

I was really happy with how easy it was to match seams on rows this time.  Also, this fabric is very pleasant to work with.

Now for a sandwich...quilt and otherwise.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

D9P and Facelift

It was time to retire the old burgandy template
so I had a lil fun updating my page and header.  
LOVE! the floral background on weathered wood.
(Find yours at VintageMadeForYou)

On arranging my Disappearing 9 Patch cuts, I couldn't get a color balance to suit me, so I added a couple more fabrics from my stash.

I played with it and still didn't like the appearance...so back to the design wall.

Placing the dark prints on the outer edges is more pleasing to me.  I only wish I had used a darker purple for the original center square...but I think I can live with this.

Today I have rows ~ tomorrow a flimsy.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

FNSI and stuff

Hooray!  Heidi is once again hosting the Friday Night Sew In this yearAnyone can join in, so how about it, next month?  Her button link has a permanent place over to the right and down a bit.

But first, a word from our sponsors (heehee):  When I returned from my errands Friday afternoon, there was a surprise awaiting me.

Wow!  My sweetie remembered our (33rd) anniversary a day early, and he knows how this girl loves her some roses!   

Just look at these youngun's!  I wore Mama's wedding dress and mantilla, that her mother made for her wedding in 1950.

 Now ~ what say we review FNSI results... I'm still working on the D9P and at last I have a total of 20 blocks, ready for arranging

Planning to get to cutting over the weekend.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Silent Sunday: Just Peachy



Thursday, January 17, 2013

January Iris & D9P

I've made some progress on the D9P blocks but first:

This morning I looked out the picture window and saw what I thought was a piece of litter thrown in the yard.  Typical.

Still in my pj's, I got the binoculars ~ to my surprise a lonely yellow iris had managed to push through and bloom, despite the season and trampling of the deer.
(Yeh, I need to clean out the birdbath). 

 Now back to the QAL - 
here's my first block

 - sewn, cut, and arranged.

 I added another finished block

and then rearranged them. 

 Hmmm...I like both configurations and can't decide.  Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Drool....I just love me some purple!
 And these are my choices for the 

 Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt-A-Long 

It's not too late to get in on the fun!  Freda has some helpful guidelines for quilt sizes and suggestions on block arrangement.

I had decided to make a lap size quilt using 2 of my large charm packs in a safari print, but the neutrals provided weren't enough.  With a plan to locate more, somehow today I did a 180, taking another direction.

I was fortunate enough to get in on some deals several months back, when an online quilt shop was liquidating.  Every week, the discounts were deeper. 

 It didn't take long to cut the 5x5 squares.
The fabric line is called "Good Fortune" by Kate Spain for Moda.
What a great way to begin a new year!
It was time to break it free from drawer jail. Yep!  I'll be using fabric only my stash.

You can see I haven't sewn the block together...that's why the disappearing magic didn't work yet.