Thursday, January 17, 2013

January Iris & D9P

I've made some progress on the D9P blocks but first:

This morning I looked out the picture window and saw what I thought was a piece of litter thrown in the yard.  Typical.

Still in my pj's, I got the binoculars ~ to my surprise a lonely yellow iris had managed to push through and bloom, despite the season and trampling of the deer.
(Yeh, I need to clean out the birdbath). 

 Now back to the QAL - 
here's my first block

 - sewn, cut, and arranged.

 I added another finished block

and then rearranged them. 

 Hmmm...I like both configurations and can't decide.  Which is your favorite?


  1. Well, now I am personally fond of the no seams touching. It's very artsy! And your colors are rockin'!!

  2. I like the last pic- colors are great !!!


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