Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall is Here...

And I've been MIA since April Fool's Day ~ that's over 5 months, but who's counting?  No sewing for this girl, as I've been working hot (literally) and heavy at the torch since then making glass beads.  As a vendor, I've been in full swing with 3 markets a week until Labor Day, when one of them ended.

I did actually sew a little bandana and a head scarf for a friend, but no photos, so reckon it doesn't count.  I've been making a list of sewing projects to begin once the markets wind down.

But for today, a rather delicious project! 

Of late I've been paying thru the nose for dried apples, a favorite snack.

 Now I have found THIS WEBSITE,
providing an easy, no cost answer for those of us who don't own a dehydrator.

I do own one of these

and it's well worth the $15.  It will peel, core, and slice in one continuous motion.  I chose not to peel these tho, by disengaging the peeler.

A bit of cheesecloth, a stifling hot day, and my car.

Can't wait!