Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Matryoshki" Quilt Finish!

I began this quilt over a year ago using a pattern called "Bella Babushka" by Cinderberry Stitches.  Completing other projects in between, I finished this one the last day of February 2015.

You can see the beginnings and progress of my piecing in a post HERE .   

Quilt backings of 108-inches wide make for shorter work ~
love not having to piece it!

I altered the original twin size pattern to create a large queen size with extra borders for extended drape over my thick mattress and box springs,

and added an extra row of dolls along with another row of squares.

My friend Alice and I long-armed this one, during the short-lived ice storm. 

(Thank you Alice!)

I chose a leaf and flower design for border to border quilting on the squares,

 and a single daisy for the dolls' tummies.

I did backing-turned binding and machine stitched it.  Was thrilled to find this stitch pattern on the new Janome!

I've named my quilt the proper (plural) word for Russian stacking dolls...

and we shall sleep cozily under while dreaming of our years in Russia, and the life-long friends we made there.