Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Move Over Card Table

After I tired of walking the length of the house, from bdrm to kitchen bar to cut fabric, I brought in our ancient rickety rusty card table.  Its squareness took up a great area in the small room, and there certainly was no room to walk about, but it sure was nice to stay in the same room to begin and complete a project.

And now, Mr. T has made a special table to fit my space!  He brought it in on Christmas Eve and we set it up.  I'm a happy girl!
He'll install a shelf on the bottom, for storage.

Top covered with laminate

 Cutting mat size, with room for stuff  ;-)

Now I can just whirl around in my chair to make necessary cuts, or stand to cut fabric lengths.
And you know, I'm ALWAYS cuttin' up!

Thank you honey!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2nd FNSI

I played with some pretty pink fabric


and some others that will remain nameless until after the holidays.  My machine was burning the midnight oil Friday, working toward completing gifts.  Thanks to Heidi for hosting the 2nd FNSI this month; it helps push me to the finish line!

In other news, I was thrilled to realize that my cutting mat by Creative Memories (scrapbooking) would fit on my tray with triangle ruler and cutting wheel.

Now I can cut HSTs and other small shapes while sitting on the sofa.   The perfect size platform for cutting, arranging, and gluing the ticker tape blocks, while enjoying a movie with the Mister.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My First FNSI!

I've been working on mug rugs this week, and finished them up yesterday during the Friday Night Sew In, held monthly by Heidi and her sister at HandmadebyHeidi.  

I'm new to the quilting world, and haven't sewn in very many years...these are only the 3rd, 4th, and 5th ones I've made, so don't look too closely.

 #3 flip side

I decided it was time to try out the features on this machine that my sister gave me awhile back.  The machine is a Vogue Stitch and quite old, but has some cogs for specialty stitches.

 #4 flip side 
This blue used to be someone's shirt.

This is not your average zigzag stitch, oh no no no...but is the #10 cog from the pack.  The half circles are made with the #12 cog.  I think I'm liking it!
 #5 flip side
 If you're curious, photos of my first 2 mug rugs are HERE.