Thursday, January 26, 2012

Occasion ?

Several months ago while playing with rosey fabric in my new quilting corner, there was a knock at the front door.  While the Mr. answered it, I glanced out the window to see a big truck. 

Quickly scanning my memory bank, I wondered what I had ordered (glass? fabric? tools?), and whether I would be in trouble

Since he didn't comment aloud or bring me a package, I sat tight...maybe he had ordered some man stuff.  Whew!  Safe.

Awhile later when I could stand the suspense no more, I wandered into the den and asked what was delivered.  He said flatly:
"You got a package; it's in the kitchen." 

Oh NO!  I am in trouble!

I turned the corner to see a really long box.  Did I order glass rods?


A dozen roses, beautiful vase, and oh so meaningful card.

                                 What's the occasion?  I asked.
                                 Just because, said he.  

I like that.  And yeah, I cried that day.

However, today marks an Occasion:  Our 32nd wedding anniversary, and we decided on dinner and a movie...right here at home.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

(My) 3rd FNSI

I know.  I'm late to the party.  Managed to cut and sew the "rainbow" border.  My first time doing a pieced border and I'm certain it wasn't done correctly.

I measured and calculated, cut and sewed, ripped and sewed, and ripped the colorful border seams several times.  I ripped a few colorful words several times as well, lol.

I tried so many times to correct the mistake, and finally opted to mask it...but I can still see it.  Do you?
 Here it is right side up.

Anyway, the recipient baby won't see it.

(stock photo)

Thanks for hosting the pushes me to git 'er done, and on to greatness, lol!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Frog Flimsy

Late last year, showed the new Design Wall that hubby and I made, and the 5x5 purple squares stuck there hoping to one day become a quilt.  That day has not come, but it IS closer!

Here were the vibrant Dogs, Frogs, and Fish, in October:

I managed to get this much sewing done the other day:

Couldn't wait to choose a backing for it, and found a bolt of frogs on sale! It's much more vibrant in person.
And it's FLANNEL!

I decided to add a pieced border, and not having the rainbow colors in my newbee stash, I found these solids (also on sale ;-).  The red one is much more toward red than the orange that shows in the photo

Looking forward to figuring all of this out, and trying to decide which color to use as the binding...maybe the purple.  What do you think?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Mug Rugs

I am thrilled to have this great use for scraps, especially floral ones that are too pretty to toss.  And they are such fun to make, especially the ticker tape variety.

I reckon I've already made close to 20 mug rugs, and had fun trying out new stitches.  My old sewing machine has a little case of  24 "cogs"
that fit on a spindle in my machine, for creating different stitch patterns. 

This is the design of cog # 19.

You can see another use of cog on the kitty cats:

 I even managed a few double needle designs!
To see more rugs, click on the Mug Rugs Tab here or in the top right corner of my blog.  Thanks for visiting!