Monday, April 30, 2012

Frog Finish!

A long time coming, but I did it!  My first completed quilt (other than a rag quilt)...I'm fairly satisfied with the result, although it could have been bigger.

This is the back:

I did some ditch stitching on the outer blocks, and just straight stitches along the large squares. 

 My intention was to use the flannel backing in the self-binding style, but at the LAST minute, changed my mind and managed to eek out enough purple fabric from scraps. 

  So happy with that decision!  See?  Even the frogs are!



Oh boy!  I can virtually cross it off my list... when I can get the code to work. 

All done but the washing!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday Night Sew In - Vol. 5

My fifth FNSI!  This month, Heidi and Bobbi have partnered with Arrow Sewing Cabinets and Conkerr Cancer to host a pillowcase project.  Everyone will be creating fun pillowcases to donate to Conkerr Cancer, an organization “Giving sick kids a reason to pillowcase at a time.”  What a wonderful idea.

A few weeks ago while shopping at my LFS, I remembered it was coming up and found these colorful prints.

While cutting the fabric for the pillowcases, I had the little tv on in my sewing room and there happened to be a Frankie Avalon beach party movie on...

I managed to watch/listen for maybe 40 minutes...that was all the corn and cheese I could handle!  Those surfer boys were really hot-dogging.

Speaking of hot dogs, as these are the first pillowcases I've ever made, I had to follow instructions and enjoyed using the "Hot Dog Method". 

It's really amazing that it works!  A link with directions can be found on the Pillowcase Construction Page, as a pdf file at the bottom of that page.

I'll be shipping these out on Monday, hoping they bring some joy to someone.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Strawberry Fields for


Our local fields opened early this year for picking, so I stopped by yesterday after work to fill a bucket.  It's so hard to quit...the luscious fruit just calls out "PICK ME!", even during the long walk between rows back to the cashier.

I've been working on some special blankies, using a couple of online tutorials AND my new rotary "SKIP A STITCH" blade.
This blade is the bomb-diggity for working with fleece and flannel...a must-have for crocheted edging of receiving blankets.  Here's a peak at my project:

 It's relaxing to work on during a lull at the markets or watching a movie.

That PIF stack of fleece may soon begin to dwindle! 
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meandering Frogs and Kitty Outlines

This market year, I've added a new craft/product line:  Quilting!  And it will tie in with my glass art. 

I fussy-cut this cute poison-dart-frog fabric to make mug rugs, and decided to try my hand at free-style quilting, that is, meandering.  It's easier than I imagined and I LOVE doing it!  

Poison dart frogs come in a myriad of varieties and colors, all bright and bold!
At the torch, I created a similar frog bead for the teaspoon.

 The leftover kitty fabric from making Christmas presents presented another challenge for a bead:

For this one, I just quilted an outline around each kitty...another first for me!

Tickertape mug rugs are so fun to make!

And ok, just one more frog:

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