Thursday, April 5, 2012

Strawberry Fields for


Our local fields opened early this year for picking, so I stopped by yesterday after work to fill a bucket.  It's so hard to quit...the luscious fruit just calls out "PICK ME!", even during the long walk between rows back to the cashier.

I've been working on some special blankies, using a couple of online tutorials AND my new rotary "SKIP A STITCH" blade.
This blade is the bomb-diggity for working with fleece and flannel...a must-have for crocheted edging of receiving blankets.  Here's a peak at my project:

 It's relaxing to work on during a lull at the markets or watching a movie.

That PIF stack of fleece may soon begin to dwindle! 
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  1. How neat is that little trick of a cutting wheel!!

  2. Wow... that cutting blade is cool! Love the crocheted edges on the blankie!


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