Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday Night Sew In ~ August Edition

I joined the Friday Night Sew In once again, hosted this month by
Last I checked, the signup count was at 95!

Ya'll know brand new ripped jeans are available for purchase these days (I've never understood that one), but my friend Angela prefers to wear out the canvas on her own.  

The hole in the pair she gave me to mend was so big, I decided to cover it with a nice round patch using leftovers from making her quilt.

First I patched the hole from the inside using this:
Mending fabric is more flexible than iron-on patches.

I recalled seeing round applique technique in one of my quilt books.  Turned out to be perfect advice.

Now I needed something round for cutting both the decorative patch and the cardboard template.  Remembering my scrapbooking days, I dug out the perfect solution for template making:
Creative Memories has some sweet cutting tools.  Choose sizes by blue, red, or gray lines.
The orange button is the cutting tool.  There are grooves outside and inside the blue acrylic for the button to ride in as it cuts a large or small circle.
The paper template:

 for cutting the fabric:

Using a different size acrylic cutting guide, I cut a smaller paper circle to assist with ironing down the seam allowance.

Then removed the paper, placed stitch witchery between the patch and the jeans, and pressed with a steam iron.  That held the patch in place nicely for sewing down.

I'm pretty sure these were my mama's needles...still sharp!  I hand stitched it in place.

I patched a second pair, same method tho I didn't need the cutting tools for it, as it was square.  This time, an iron-on patch for the inside:

Again, using scraps from the 'Reflecting Pool' quilt.

Well, that sews up another FSNI !


  1. Hi Cynthia,
    Cool patches takes me back to the late 60's and 70's. I use Creative Memories stuff, my Sister was a consultant.

  2. Excellent way to dress up patched jeans! Love those fabrics.... and I know your friend will be thrilled!

  3. What a great tutorial~! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the super niffy suggestions. I've never heard of the fabric mending stuff or that cute little cutting tool. Nice FNSI finish. Oh, I'm following you now.

  5. Those patches are so pretty. Thanks for the tips!


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