Monday, December 31, 2012

The Christmas Quilts - the 2nd

I'm showing the first born's quilt 2nd, because 
I made the 2nd born's first ;-)

The idea for Casey's quilt came to me by way of (what else?) a Kaffe Fassett quilt called 'Dark Windows' shown below.

I decided to reorient the windows by rotating the quilt 90 degrees ccw, thereby creating a "shelf" for every row.  Each shelf and wall will be computer related, like this:
  Casey's interest in languages and computers came as early as five when he enjoyed copying Greek and Hebrew letters from a concordance.  At six, he typed out programs on an old Vic20 to make the ball bounce.  At 29, it's no surprise that he's a software development manager.        

 Indeed, I found the binary and equations fabric at
were just the ticket!

I fussy-cut these 2-inch Mario characters to use as corner posts with the sashing.

Working into the night on Alice's long arm, "Meg" .

He has a couple of cats, so I thought it'd be fun to have one looking for a "mouse", lol!

Those 2 screws on Meg appear as eyes, and as hard as I worked her, I think there would be a little grimace below them!
I chose a swirl pattern on the sashing and stitched in the ditch on the diagonal seams of the blocks.

Notice a white cat bottom left.  I finished with musical note borders and added the gold for size and accent.

A surprised and delighted son!

This was such a fun quilt to make, and I hope to do another "windows" piecing again.


  1. I love how you were able to find such a perfect choice in fabric. And the cats! Wonderful touch. :)

    Bless you, sister :)


  2. Congratulations on such a spectacular finish! I know your son loves his quilt... who wouldn't? Great fabrics... Spoonflower is a cool site!

    Wishing you and yours all good things in the coming year!

  3. These are such FUN-FUN quilts! what a great idea to have the cat looking for a "mouse"!!! I LOVE it!!



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